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How to increase your internal memory on Android

How to increase your internal memory on Android

Here’s how to increase the memory of your smartphone quickly and practically with PSafe Total for Android

Memory storage warnings are the worst for us, when we spend a lot of time on our Android devices. Many appliances are sold at attractive prices, but with low memory capacity. However, all is not lost for you when you’re dealing with a phone with a limited 4GB of internal space, since most of the of your cellular memory, can be captured and saved with the use of mini-SD cards.

So if you chose a low internal memory option for your phone, do not despair, PSafe Total can help you free up space on Android, and transfer all that you need to a mini-SD card, providing more internal memory for your phone. Many native apps are useless and thus we’re paving the way for you to follow an uninstallation of all of the apps that appeal to you on the phone.

With PSafe Total, you can delete s and native Android software and thus increase the device‘s memory. After you install the APP, you must open the App Manager. Simply click on the home screen and look for the manager. From there, PSafe shows an analysis of everything that can be deleted from Android, without compromising the performance of your smartphone. If it is not necessary for the proper functioning of the device, we indicate the removal for you.

Simply put, you cannot give up PSafe Total for your Android. In addition to protecting your device and speeding up the operation of the hardware, we’re always bringing new features to supercharge your smartphone.