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Infobar: A Colorful Approach to Smartphones

Infobar: A Colorful Approach to Smartphones

If you’ve gotten bored of viewing typical smartphones, take a look at Japan’s Infobar phone line for a pop of something new

For a phone that’s a little different with heaps of personality and character, look no further than Infobar. In the chance you haven’t heard of it, this Japanese cellphone line is the brainchild of Naoto Fukasawa, inventor of the wall-mounted CD player. Known for being as easy to use as it is strikingly gorgeous, Infobar has had a long, diverse history since it was first invented.

The First Infobar Phone

The first Infobar phone was released in 2000. Though both the buttons and casings came in a dazzling variety of colors, the red, white, and blue “Nishikigoi” color schemes remain classic designs.

Infobar released new designs just three years later in 2003 with the Infobar 2. These phones retained their iconic blocky button style, but introduced a larger screen, a camera, and rounded corners.

The A01 marked the brand’s first smartphone. Released in 2011, the A01, designed by Naoto Fukasawa himself, had color schemes of red, gray, and blue. It could snap, grid, and resize, much like Windows 8. The phone’s “iida UI” 2.0 was praised for its excellent animation, and lively sounds. It was a truly global phone!

The Infobar Series Today

Today, these phones are lauded for their simplicity. There’s no manual required for Infobar phones. In a fun twist, the ringtones are still designed by Japanese pop star Cornelius.

The brand’s most recent release, the Infobar A03, was made available in 2015. Users will enjoy the 4.5-inch 1080p display, a hardworking 13-megapixel camera, and 16GB of storage that is easily expandable with the use of a microSD card. It uses an updated “iida” UI, and feels like a cross between an Android and Windows phone.

Gone are the large, candy-like buttons of the original. Still, it retains a bit of its old school, pop art charm. The bottom navigation buttons are available in different color schemes, like blue, brown, pink, and the ever-popular “Nishikigoi” scheme. It’s a charming nod to its early beginnings, and a welcome addition for Infobar fans looking to upgrade their phones.

A New Age

The Infobar phones marked a major turning point in cell phone history. They didn’t, and still don’t, look like anything else! No matter your smartphone style, make sure your device stays in top shape with PSafe TOTAL. This app will have your phone feeling like new all day, every day. Want to learn how you can customize your Android phone? Check out our blog posts on Android keyboard replacements, and launcher apps.