Your IP address () and location () are vulnerable to tracking. Conceal your identity now. Install dfndr vpn.

Introducing dfndr vpn – Be Invisible to Hackers

Our impassioned team continues to offer what you need in the privacy and security space.

When PSafe’s journey began 8 years ago, we saw the growing need to guard what’s most precious to us. Whether it’s our memories, the heartfelt words we express, or the connections we forge that defy state lines or international borders — all these aspects of our lives are no longer compartmentalized —  but now exist through our devices, especially our phones.

Our mission when we launched dfndr security was to give people the freedom to connect online with the assurance their personal information is secure. The digital age brought that freedom we so thoroughly appreciate, but also a slew of online threats that the inventors of the Internet never dreamed of.

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Hackers and online scammers want access to your personal data and persist from simple to elaborate schemes to obtain your memories or connections for sometimes malicious, but mostly criminal ends.  

With perfect AV-TEST antivirus detection scores for dfndr security and 130 million global downloads later, we saw a greater need to embolden our mission again. Since the repeal of net neutrality and emergence of NSA spy tools, we realized that it’s not just your security at risk, but privacy as well.  

Honoring your privacy and security online are not separate entities. The reality is our physical lives and digital lives are so intertwined today that preserving both matters greatly. Sharing who you are and what you’re doing matters, yet so is the right to do it safely.

Hackers and snoops use various methods to launch criminal scams or obtain someone’s personal secrets. and one big way is by penetrating your privacy. Besides securing your online activity, hiding it is now a necessary layer of protection in our culture of sharing.

PSafe genuinely cares about protecting your freedom to be you, which is why we’re excited about the latest addition to our family of apps.

Drum Roll Please…!

With love, care, and your safety in mind we’re proud to introduce dfndr vpn, available in both Android and iOS. It’s a fast, secure and private solution for your phone. Just tap and you’re connected.

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a service that lends you a temporary IP and hides your real IP address from any website or email address you engage with.

How exactly does a VPN guard your privacy? Activating a VPN when using the Internet keeps your IP address cloaked from outsiders — hiding your data and browsing activity protects you from intruders trying to access your information or activities on your mobile device.

A VPN can even ‘hide’ your online presence on public Wi-Fi networks. Think of it as having the ability to be ‘invisible’. Which is a cool superpower right at your fingertips — so you can go online anywhere you want, do what you like, and chat with anyone freely.

Why not take the step to protect your digital connections by going invisible? Try a 7-day trial of dfndr vpn today:

During your 7-day trial, you’ll enjoy all the premium features such as
unlimited data transfer, with zero ads, and the ability to choose multiple locations of secure connections. All of your browsing, chatting, or sharing is safeguarded with end-to-end encryption.

Once you’ve fallen in love with the ability to be ‘invisible’ to potential intruders, subscribe to any of our flexible payment plans:

  • 12 month plan = $3.99 per month.
  • 6 month plan = $4.99 per month.
  • 1 month = $11.99.

Be Invisible and Super Punch Hacker Threats
PSafe cares so much about our users’ privacy that dfndr vpn is now a premium offering in our flagship app, dfndr security. With 20 million monthly active users, dfndr security continues to maintain its first class protection standards to give our users the ability to enjoy their digital world fully.

We hope you discover the wonderful benefits of dfndr vpn because we’re pretty stoked about giving you the power of invisibility.