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How to Live Stream Videos on Facebook Live

How to Live Stream Videos on Facebook Live

Are you ready to use Facebook in a new way? Live streaming apps are all the rage right now, and Facebook has joined the squad

From Periscope to YouTube to Snapchat, live streaming has overtaken the world of social media, and become the latest and greatest social trend. The point of live streaming is to let other viewers online, no matter the app or service, see exactly what you’re doing as you’re doing it in real time. We don’t know if you can appreciate how huge that is, but trust us, this is a very, very big deal.

Facebook Live
Surprisingly, Facebook was one of the last players to get involved in the live streaming game. With Facebook Live, users can stream live video from their phones. While Facebook warns that the feature isn’t available to everyone at the moment, they do make it clear this awesome new tool is available to Android users, which means you can now take part in the fun of live streaming via Facebook. This is particularly neat, considering Facebook offers pretty much every other kind of social media notion, and live streaming is the latest step toward the future.

How to Use Facebook Live
First, after logging into the mobile app, you’re going to want to click on the notepad icon toward the top—the icon that lets you post new statuses, photos, and videos. From there, tap the “Broadcast” icon, which looks like a user icon with a bunch of circles around the head, almost like halos. Afterward, you’re given the choice to write a description of your broadcast.

Now, you’re ready to share your personality and talents with the world! Tap “Go Live” to start!

Once you’re done, you’re going to want to hit “Finish” to end the live stream, which can be no longer than an hour and a half (that’s about the size of a feature-length movie, so you might want to take your audience into consideration). When you start recording, the live video will go on your Facebook Timeline, and will remain there until you stop. Facebook also offers one more helpful note: you can choose to block (and later unblock) people if they’re posting obnoxious, distracting, or otherwise unwanted comments during your broadcast. You can do this by clicking the “Block” button on their profiles.

Ready, Set, Action!
And there you go—happy live streaming! Remember, live streaming requires a lot of power, and memory on the part of your phone, so look to PSafe’s mobile tools to enhance your device’s performance. If you’re planning on live-streaming an especially lengthy video, you’ll want PSafe’s Memory and Internet Boosters on your side.