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A Look at Snapchat’s Video-Making Spectacles

With Snapchat's new smart glasses, you can capture short snippets of your life, from your perspective, to share with friends and family.

Since 2012, users have enjoyed sharing images on Snapchat to capture a fleeting moment. Now, Snapchat has a new way of capturing the world: Spectacles. These smart glasses are available for $130, and offer a new way to see the world. But what exactly are Spectacles?

The Basics of Snapchat’s Spectacles

Spectacles have a rather modern appearance, but also a funky and juvenile design. Unlike other smart or wearable tech, such as Google Glass, Spectacles only have a camera. Embedded in what appears to be a bejeweled aspect of the design, the camera’s lens is stealthy and unobtrusive. The point is to use the glasses similarly to how you use Snapchat. With the glasses, you can record up to ten seconds of video. You can then sync this video to your Android and upload it to Snapchat to share. Spectacles also come with a carrying case that doubles as a charging cradle.

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What People are Saying About Them

On the plus side, Spectacles are easy to wear: they fit like, and look like, regular sunglasses. The video quality is good, as well. As a wearable, they offer a unique, first-person perspective that isn’t easy to capture using only your phone. It also offers more sturdy footage for active shots and has a good enough grip to not slide off of your face. The circular video brings something new to the table, and these videos can be viewed in both landscape and portrait views. For those who love to have fun with their creations, you can still add stickers and emojis before posting.

On the downside, people have reported difficulties taking selfie-videos. After all, you’d have to clumsily turn the glasses around and hope for the best. Even if you do manage, there are no face filters for after-effects. Also, the design is not for everyone. They’re certainly not neutral or discrete.

How to Buy Spectacles

Oddly enough, Spectacles are sold in a kitschy way: through a vending machine called a “Snapbot.” A Snapbot is large and bright yellow with one cycloptic eye. You can’t miss it. However, there’s currently only one vending machine in existence, and it travels from city to city. The Snapbot first appeared in Venice Beach, California, and will continue to pop up across other cities in the US. Much like the elusive art of Banksy, if you really want these specs, you’re going to have to hunt them down.