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More Than 3 Million User Accounts of Streaming and Gaming Services Exposed to Data Leak

You should always check access logins and adopt security measures, says dfndr lab.

3.4 million user accounts from 5 major streaming and gaming services have been compromised. The basis for the data leak was discovered on Friday, January 25 by the dfndr lab security team. The leaked data contains emails and passwords from Android users located around the globe.

“Once cybercriminals have access to an individual’s account credentials, they could login as the user and co-opt the service for themselves. A dangerous habit people employ is to use the same password for different accounts, which means a hacker has even more opportunity to access their services”, says Marco DeMello, CEO of PSafe and head of dfndr lab.

DeMello also notes it’s very common for cybercriminals to share their “wins” with other hacker groups on the deep web, further exposing victims’ private information.

The dfndr lab team stresses that In such cases, hackers typically use phishing attacks, when an intended target unknowingly shares login credentials, believing they are accessing a legitimate website.

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Data breaches can happen to anyone

The dfndr lab team recommends users of streaming platforms like Hulu or gaming services such as Terraria consistently check if their data has been leaked, by using monitoring services like the Ïdentity Theft Report in dfndr security.

To protect personal data, follow these tips:

  1. Always check if the website you’re accessing is legitimate. If you received an email or SMS requesting that you login to your account, ignore it and search for the official website in your web browser.
  2. Do not click on links received in messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, SMS or email without investigating.
  3. Been offered a giveaway or coupon? Check on official channels to determine if the giveaway or promotion truly exists.
  4. Never use the same password for different services.
  5. Download a security app with antiphishing protection, such as dfndr security.