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New Way Android Grants Apps Permissions

The New Way Android Grants Apps Permissions

Androids have updated the app downloading process, and are making great strides to ensure your phone is secure

So, you’ve just installed a new game, and are surprised to receive 3 separate permission pop-ups. This app wants access to your contacts, location, and microphone. Before Marshmallow, you had two choices: permit access, or refuse to download the app at all. Android phones have taken a huge step towards improving phone security by allowing users to pick which access permissions they’d like to accept for each app.

In the past, there have been issues with developers asking for unnecessary permissions in order to mine for personal information. The most notable example being the “Brightest Flashlight” controversy. In 2013, Goldenshore Technologies settled a suit after it was caught providing advertising agencies with the geolocations of the millions of people who had downloaded the flashlight app!

The lawsuit highlighted a major issue when it came to maintaining security while downloading apps from Google Play. Less than 3 years later, users now have the power to decide what information their apps have access to.

App Configurations

If you initially accepted all of the permissions for your favorite app, but have since decided your game doesn’t need to know where you are in order for you to enjoy it, you can deny these permissions through the ‘App Configurations’ menu.  When you go to Settings and click ‘Apps,’ you’ll see a list of the various permissions granted on your device, and what apps have them.

You can go through these lists, and easily switch them on and off at your discretion. Keep in mind however, not all apps are filled with unnecessary permissions. So, be careful not to restrict access to things that are integral to the app’s operation. If you don’t let ‘Google Voice Typing’ access your microphone, it’s simply not going to work.

Knowledge Is Power

One of the best things about Android smartphones is the freedom and flexibility you’re given to customize your device however you’d like. When there are so many options to choose from, it’s important to know what your decisions mean for your phone’s security. After all, it’s a top priority to keep your personal information safe.

PSafe Total Antivirus extends this protection by scanning your device and SD card for viruses and malware you may have picked up along the way. What’s most important is being in control of your personal information, and being able to rest easy knowing everything is secure. Download PSafe Total today, and make sure your apps only access what you want them to.