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Play Counter-Strike on your Android

Play Counter-Strike on your Android

Developers adapt to Android the great classic shooting games

Launched in 1999, Counter-Strike bravely existed between shooter games and  millions of people – and now far beyond the screens of video games and personal computers. If you have an Android in hand, you can now venture to the mobile version of the game, available thanks to a team of programmers who are dedicated to adapting the title to smartphones, now published on GitHub.

by Kazakh developer Alibek Omarov, rescues version 1.6, 2003, merged the visual characteristics of the previous version from 2002. The reason of course is not to overload the phone system. Making the adjustment from an older version, which requires fewer resources, ensures that access to Counter-Strike in the cell will be more democratic and can reach more people.


Installation of Counter-Strike on the Android is very handy for anyone who is a fan of this best-selling first-person and wants to also have it available on mobile, but some requirements need to be respected so that all run just fine. Besides having the Xash3D software installed, you need to have the game on Steam platform.

The game is not available on Google Play, so stay tuned: to download and install it, you need to know how the system works and how to install APKs manually.

Try playing this game and let us know what you think!