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How to protect your applications with a secure password

How to protect your applications with a secure password

See how easy it is to have more privacy on your smartphone with the PSafe Total Vault

Convinced that your photos, messages and personal data stored on your mobile device is a place for cybercriminals? So you’re in the crosshairs of a potentially dangerous attack; today, the sophistication of hackers is such that it does not matter who the victim is: attack attempts are directed to every kind of user. This is why it is so important to always stay protected.

When the threat is not necessarily a hacker, but someone nearby may be up to malicious activity ( i.e. A friend, relative or coworker) In such cases, protect the apps you use the most with an extra password, which can not be evaded even if the screen is unlocked.

Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to enable the PSafe Total:

  • Open PSafe Total;
  • On the initial screen, tap  Tools ;
  • Scroll down and choose Safe. It is the first option on the Privacy menu;
  • Tap Activate Now;
  • Select an app and set what type of password you want to create to protect it: a standard (drawing) or numeric password;
  • Create a password and repeat;
  • On the next screen, tap Finish, then Activate and in the window Allow Access, tap OK.

Ready! Now you can include as many applications as you want to your protection list. With the activated safe, no one accesses your information without knowing the extra password you set up in PSafe Total.

Use your smartphone as you want without fear of threats – it is your right. Enjoy the security tools and privacy of PSafe Total to live this experience.