Your IP address () and location () are vulnerable to tracking. Conceal your identity now. Install dfndr vpn.

Protect Your Personal Information When Using Public Wi-Fi

Smartphones are a convenient way to stay connected, but your personal information isn’t always as private as you’d like it to be. Luckily, dfndr vpn can patch your security holes.

Life is a busy treadmill sometimes but thanks to the Internet and a smartphone you can get a lot done most anywhere, by connecting to public Wi-Fi. But when you’re standing in line at your fave coffee shop ordering a latte while responding to a chat, did you know your data, traffic, and identity is exposed to hackers? Security experts state that 95% of Wi-Fi data is unencrypted, which means when your data is part of that mix, hackers have more opportunity to access your chats, emails, or SMS messages. Consider protecting your phone when using the Internet in public spaces with dfndr vpn — a tool that masks your IP. It’s a quick download and requires only one tap to activate:

You might assume it’s not your responsibility to worry about safe practices on public Wi-Fi and believe websites you use or the Wi-Fi service you’re connected to are working behind the scenes to protect you, but sadly, the task is really up to you. Don’t feel powerless though — a VPN can help you gain control over your privacy and security.

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What Can Be Stolen Over Public Wi-Fi
While email passwords or credit card numbers are losses typically associated with hackers, online thefts can also include many other forms of private data. With access to your name and Social Security number, hackers can submit a fake tax return and deposit the refund. Identity thieves are also able to steal, and use, your health insurance, and frequent flier miles. Hackers can steal payment information, such as bank account or Bitcoin login information to be used or sold to online bidders.

The security of passwords, contact information, and personal details can be compromised in many ways when entered or accessed on the Internet. Hackers use various methods and scouring unsecured public Wi-Fi networks is one way to access troubling amounts of information. Your personal information, payment data, medical records, and classified information are all at risk when casually hanging at a coffee shop.

How dfndr vpn Protects You
With your important personal data at risk, dfndr vpn is a trustworthy tool for safeguarding private data. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, all the information accessed and transmitted while having dfndr vpn on is inaccessible to anyone, including hackers and Internet service providers. In simpler terms, using a VPN means your online activities are hidden, or “invisible”, so you can continue connecting or surfing in a safer, more private Internet experience.

Make dfndr vpn a habit-forming practice when using public Wi-Fi and you’ll notice that keeping your data out of the wrong hands can actually enhance your online interactions because there’s less worry about the unknown.

So now you can breathe easy, and truly enjoy that latte. 😁