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PSafe Total: artificial intelligence for a fast and secure mobile

dfdnr: Artificial Intelligence for a Fast and Secure Mobile

PSafe’s 9 main functions you can’t miss out on…

Over time, a new Android, super-fast and full of memory becomes slow, right? You have no more space for new apps and photos and you may even have several crashes throughout the day.  The answer has only one name: dfndr and its 9 main features you won’t want to skip over.

1. Memory Booster

The Memory Booster allows for a better experience with device memory and storage. With this tool, you can allow PSafe Total to optimize your data and help you decide what you could be doing to better your storage space and speed up your device altogether.

2. Internet Booster

This Internet Speed function will close the applications that are running in the background and speed up your Internet with just a click. Kiper, your trusty companion will do the dirty work while you can enjoy browsing with zero lag time. With this, you will have an economical use of data.

3. CPU Cooler

Your device overheats when it’s putting in so much work during the day. The good thing is PSafe has an advanced and easy to use feature to tackle this problem. The CPU cooler will cool your device down and also focus on eliminating lag time as well. It’s important to have a cool CPU so that your device behaves without fault.

4. Antivirus

The PSafe Total Anti-virus was created to protect you. With this feature, you can quickly scan all phone files and your SD card in order to fix any security breaches. This feature keeps you protected from all online threats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You can even install it automatically!

5. Cleanup

The PSafe Total Cleaning function is perfect for improving the overall performance of your Android device. It will automatically clear the memory of the applications that are running in the background, and also allow you to start speed up your device and eliminate navigation data, junk files (residual files and cache) and temporary files saved in the system.

6. Applock

The Applock feature keeps apps restricted for any user other than yourself. Now you can password protect all of your applications and help prevent intruders from using your identity.

7. Antitheft

Antitheft ensures that your smartphone is working fast and remains protected. Combining the security of an antivirus cloud with an antitheft system, PSafe Total also speeds up your device, identifying everything that can be done to make your machine running like new!

8. WhatsApp Cleaner

The WhatsApp cleaning function allows you to delete old files from Whatsapp like photos, videos and messages to get your app running like new and ready to store more memories.

9. WhatsApp Audio Cleaner

The WhatsApp cleaning function allows you to delete audio files that have been taking up the majority of your storage so you can make room for new WhatsApp audio files.