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How to Reduce Mobile Data Usage

How to Reduce Mobile Data Usage in 5 Easy Steps

If overage fees are constantly on your mind, follow these steps to reduce your data usage, and start saving some cash

Anyone without an unlimited data plan has wondered how they can better reduce their mobile data usage. Here’s a quick how-to to help you reduce your overage fees by avoiding major drains on your data:

Chrome Browser Page Compression

Are you using the Chrome browser app? If so, did you know it can help reduce the amount of data you are using every time you open a webpage? All you have to do is go into “Settings,” and click “Data Saver.” Your load time won’t be at its usual best, but your wallet will thank you for it.

Hop Offline

Pay attention to apps that offer you an offline mode. If you want to save on your data usage, make the switch. While some apps and games need the Internet to function, if you have a wide variety of apps, chances are a few will have an offline feature. Use it, and save on your data.

Stop the Auto-Updates

It’s great to know your apps are always running at their peak, but all of that auto-updating, particularly for apps you use infrequently, can use up your phone’s resources quickly. Stop wasting your phone’s energy. End the auto-updates by manually keeping your favorite apps updated. You might just see a reduction in your data usage as a result.

Say “Goodbye” to Downloads and Uploads

Yes, that video is amazing, and those photos on Facebook are a must, but don’t use your Android smartphone to download them. High definition video is a data hog. By frequently uploading images to Facebook, you’re consuming way more data than you realize. Save it for your laptop.

Don’t Forget about Bluetooth

When your coworker or friend needs a file transfer, turn to Bluetooth. Once you both enable Bluetooth on your smartphones, look for the “Share” option. Select your friend’s device from the list of destinations. It’s an effective, space-saving way to cut down on needless data consumption.

How PSafe Can Help

While using Bluetooth will avoid data overage fees, those large file transfers can take up a lot of space. If you want to know exactly where you stand, turn to PSafe TOTAL. This app’s Memory Booster feature will let you know which files are taking up a ton of space on your Android phone, so you can improve your device’s memory and storage. Once you know who the culprits are, you can easily delete them, and gain a better-working phone in the process.