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Are SD Cards Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Are SD Cards Becoming a Thing of the Past?

As more high-end phones switch to internal storage, does this spell out the end of the Micro SD Card era?

If you’ve ever wondered if SD cards are becoming irrelevant, the short answer is probably not, but if so, the end of the Micro SD card era probably won’t happen for some time. However, as more phones, like the latest in the Samsung Galaxy series, opt for non-expandable memory, it’s worth wondering if there will be a cascading effect on the rest of the Android family.

What are Micro SD Cards?

Micro SD Cards are essentially memory cards for your phone, and can greatly expand your phone’s memory to 64GB, which can be huge for amateur photographers or videographers. This also represents a great option for people who have large music libraries, want more apps, or just need to store a lot of big files, like books or PDFs, on their low-memory devices.

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Moving actual apps onto SD Cards can be tricky depending on which device you’re dealing with, but the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update lets you use your SD Card as an internal storage unit, which makes for an enormous and hugely functional upgrade for many Android users. After all, 64GB is a LOT of room for all your music, apps, games, videos, movies, books, and more.

Why SD Cards Are Losing Popularity

The most apparent benefit to ditching the SD Card is faster loading and processing, which is why many industry-leading phones have opted for non-expandable memory. It’s expected for high-end devices to follow this trend moving forward, so they can compete with the latest and greatest. But, for now, SD cards are still everywhere, and can help you get the most out of more affordable phones. Adding more images, music, and other files is still as easy as popping the card into the SD slot, and since SD cards are all compatible with computers, you can open up its many folders, and import or export the files you need.

If you prefer to have more control over the files on your phone, you’re likely fond of SD Cards, and may want to resist this industry shift. You don’t have to buy in right now, but moving forward, there may be fewer high-end options for phones with expandable memory.

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