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Smartphone Safety Tips and Tricks

Smartphone Safety Tips and Tricks

Keeping your files safe doesn’t have to be a difficult task! Follow these tips for phone security

You may not realize it, but without proper security, someone can access the personal information on your Android smartphone­­ your credit card numbers, personal photos, and location information. So, how do you keep yourself safe? Here are a few tips:

Add a Password

Be sure to set a lock­screen password on your phone. Yes, it may seem like a pain, but this simple step can help keep prying eyes away from your data and images, especially in the case of loss or theft. Look under the “Settings” option to make this change.

Password Strength

If your phone is stolen, you don’t want thieves to access information about you and your loved ones. Instead, take the time to make your passwords tricky. One option is grouping separate, unrelated words, like “mop,” “gear,” or “flower,” to craft your password. Fill the blanks between these words with random letters and symbols. Use different passwords for every network, and keep track of your passwords offline.

Automatic Wi­Fi Networks and Bluetooth

Disable the option to automatically connect with available Wi­Fi and Bluetooth networks. This way, your phone won’t send your data elsewhere without your knowledge.

Online Scams

Chances are you’ll someday receive an email that says your bank account needs attention, or that you need to check on an undeliverable package. It will ask for your account information, and even your credit card number, to verify. Before sending any personal information, look closely. Hover over links to see if they are from the bank, or an imposter. Make sure it’s legitimate before sending anything.

Watch Your Phone

Keep an eye on your phone when you’re in public spaces. Leaving your phone behind may put your data in the wrong hands. If you have added a lock­screen password, it will be more difficult for someone to access your personal info. Without this password, your unattended phone is an invitation for trouble.

Be Secure

PSafe TOTAL is a great way to keep your information safe and secure, no matter where you are or what you are doing. With PSafe TOTAL, you will gain antivirus protection with the highest score in AV­TESTING, having received top marks for its easy use and comprehensive protection. It’s a win­win when it comes to smartphone security.

Safety First

You can enjoy the convenience and portability of your smartphone, without the security concerns, by keeping these tips in mind. Install PSafe TOTAL to keep your Android smartphone safe from viruses, malware, and malicious attacks. The antivirus feature will keep you protected from all online threats, 24/7.