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Why do we sometimes don’t like our own selfies?

Something just doesn’t seem to be right- but it is…

You know those days when you wake up using your phone as a mirror but instead, it decides to take a selfie? Well, how many times you did take dozens of photos to get a result that was decent? You can’t understand why when you looked in the mirror versus when you took a photo, it looked so different in the picture?

Relax, after all, now and then everyone goes through it. The good news here is that the problem is not your face, but the functioning of your brain.

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It all starts with a very basic idea: the photo will never be made with the same mirror perspective, i.e., the oddity of it all already causes some awkwardness. Hence, we leave the issue as being with the mobile phone. If you are using an application that reverses the image horizontally, the strangeness becomes even more evident. It is when the brain turns on an alert: “Wait, but I know myself very well. Who is this person?”

Guilt: asymmetry

What happens is that when we take a selfie, what we see is a kind of reorganization of our face. It is strange to see any change in perspective or alignment. If we consider this, although it still seems hazy, our faces are quite asymmetrical, and it gets worse.