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Spring Season Means Cleaning Your Devices

Even items like your phone need decluttering once in a while.

Spring is a great time to clear out junk that is piling up in your home, but one task that’s often missed is decluttering your devices, such as your Android phone. We don’t mean dusting off the screen either, but actually clearing out content that’s likely affecting phone performance.

In general, older smartphones show signs of lagging and do not operate as smoothly as they once did when brand new; however, it’s still wise to maintain your phone so it runs as optimally as possible.

There are a number of tools within dfndr performance, our cleaning and optimization app that can help ‘spring clean’ your Android.

Too Many Photos and Videos?
Taking photos or shooting short videos and sharing them on social media can be fun but what isn’t is having multiple copies of photos bloating your photo gallery. Make room for new photos and videos by using the Duplicate Photos feature. Simply open the feature and choose which pics you want to keep and delete the ones you don’t.

Lagging Speed Getting You Down?
A common complaint of older model Android phones is phone lag. One way to solve this is by clearing out junk files. The Quick Cleaner feature can help free up your internal memory and SD card storage with a mere tap.

Message Gunk Simply Overwhelming?
A great benefit to today’s plugged in society is messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. What you may not know is all those videos, audio messages, GIFs, or images you swap back and forth are making your Android slow. By using the WhatsApp and Messenger Cleaner, you can easily select specific files to delete and make more room for that cat GIF that keeps you laughing.

Spring is about renewal and what better way to celebrate than cleaning your device? Use one, or all of the mentioned tools to start this season with a better working device and a “spring” in your step.