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Studies Show Sexting is Actually Good for Your Relationship

If you want more passion in your relationship, this surprising solution may be the answer.

So you’ve been with your significant other for a some time now and things have been going well. You two have great chemistry and a lot of fun, but you still can’t keep yourself from wondering if there are ways you can increase the passion and romance in your relationship. You both have busy lives with full work schedules, so time together isn’t always easy to come by. How can you keep the the heat turned up even when you two are apart? We have a suggestion for you.

Send nudes.

Please keep in mind you should always exercise caution when sending intimate images of yourself to someone, be sure the other person is someone you can count on to keep those images safe and private. Many sex and relationship experts agree that when done in a trusted relationship, sexting can actually add a bit of spice to your love life.

One study at Drexel University conducted an online survey to explore the benefits of sexting in a relationship. Their findings suggest some correlation between sexting and relationship satisfaction. Among the 870 American adult respondents surveyed between the ages of 18-82, 88% reported sexting at least once, and 82% reported doing so within the past year.

People who were dating, but did not report the relationship as “very committed,” were happier with their relationships as a whole when they sent sexy photos or texts to their significant other. (People in “very committed” relationships didn’t have any effect from sexting, probably because they’ve seen it all already.) Sexting can be particularly helpful for couples who don’t get to see each other often, as it can keep the romance and desire active in the relationship even when you’re physically apart.

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