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Take the BuzzFeed Quiz and Test Your Fake News Detecting Skills!

Find out if you're blind or have eagle eyes when it comes to dodgy news stories.

Social media is flooded daily with news stories, which are constantly shared and commented on, but how much of those stories are actually fake?  A recent study showed that at least 1 out of 4 Americans will encounter a fake news story this year.

Put your knowledge of fake news to the test and take our BuzzFeed quiz! Score at least 9 correct answers and crown yourself #1 at checking phony headlines and suspicious links.  CLICK THE IMAGE OR BUTTON BELOW to begin the quiz.  😄

Our security team at dfndr lab knows all about fake news, which is featured in our Q1 Cybersecurity Report. In Q1, we saw an increase in fake news scams from the last quarter, 15.7K to 18.8K, a jump of 19.6%.

Fake news sometimes has viruses and malware lurking which is a risk to your smartphone and personal data, That’s why it’s unwise to click on stories with catchy headlines and not know if they are trustworthy sources of information.

If you feel unsure about fake news and don’t know what to look for, read the fake news tips in our report:

Our team at dfndr lab also saw a trend in growth with fake ads hitting smartphones through chatting apps like WhatsApp and SMS, with 1.5M detections, up over half a million from 971K detections from last quarter. With data showing that Americans are encountering approximately 23 million suspicious URLs per minute, we continue to see a rise in cyber attacks on mobile phones.

Whenever in doubt about any suspect link, use our free, URL checker tool to make sure the link is safe to access.

We encourage you to use this report as an educational and informative tool.  Share it with your family and friends. And tell us – how did you score on the quiz? 😎