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Fake news is a danger. Though it seems like a phenomenon that gullible people fall for, anyone might still be tempted to read a false news story or two, thinking it’s harmless. 

However, fake news misleads readers in order to gain financially, socially, or politically. Unethical advertisers count on false news stories being shared widely on social media, to generate a large amount of clicks. Some false news stories lead to malicious links that could affect the performance of your phone.  Fake news also has peaks, especially during times like the presidential or midterm elections.

Do your part to build awareness of fake news. TAKE our BuzzFeed quiz and find out — what is your FAKE NEWS PERSONALITY?

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PSafe and the dfndr brand care about malicious fake news links invading your phone. That’s why we created a FAKE NEWS ALERT within the anti-hacking feature of dfndr security. Anti-hacking detects and blocks fake news links, among other links that cybercriminals may use to load malware onto your Android, steal your identity, or find out your financial information.

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With education and community, together we can stop the spread of fake news!