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How to test the speed of your Wi-Fi network

How to test the speed of your Wi-Fi network

Curious to know if your wireless network is really fast? Learn how to perform speed tests and keep an eye on the performance of your Wi-Fi!

Is your wireless network moving slower than expected? When deciding whether or not to change your network altogether, it is advised that you see if the performance of your connection. On Android, there are already free apps that perform accurate tests and indicate how slow or fast the performance of your Wi-Fi is for that moment in time.

PSafe Total for Android is an app with Wi-fi Check , using a table of values ​​common to Internet plans available on the market to analyze how your wireless network is yielding. For this, it configures a download speed, or how long your internet takes to receive a data (file or media) from a server or another device and thus ranks the performance of the network as slow, medium, fast or very fast. For example, if your wireless network only reaches speeds of up to 1 Megabit (data transmission unit) per second, it is classified as slow.

In addition, the app performs a thorough analysis to identify whether the network used is really safe or can make your device vulnerable to attacks. And the best part is that all this happens with just a touch on the screen and results feed in.

Anyway, it is important to be aware of the causes of slowness to see if it is related to a poor plan or just poor service. Bad positioning of a router, for example, can become weak signal transmission and reduce the quality of the Internet. Thus, when approaching the device connected to the network device, the test may indicate a more precise speed.

Test your phone now and share the results in the comments!