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5 Tips for Getting The Most out of Facebook Mobile

Think you’ve done all you can on Facebook Mobile? Check out a list of tips that you may not know about to make your virtual life easier!

It is undeniable that the vast majority of users use WhatsApp to communicate, Instagram to post photos and Snapchat to share moments with friends. Even with all these social networks, Facebook still remains relevant in our digital daily lives. More than 1.49 billion accounts exist on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network worldwide. But are you sure you know how to use all of the functions within the application on your phone? Check out some tips on how to improve your experience with Facebook mobile!

1. Configure your notifications

There is nothing more annoying than enabling numerous notifications and, in the end, all of them are useless to you. For those users who want to have only relevant notifications, Facebook offers the customization of notifications. Just go to the general application settings, select “Notifications” and choose what you want. You can set both how the notification will alert you (LED, vibration, and sound) and its content (wall posts, messages, comments, and more).

2. Filter your Timeline

With so many virtual friends, it is almost impossible to keep track of everything that really matters to you. Sometimes you spend hours rolling the timeline to be able to find some interesting and relevant posts. So, Facebook offers the option to customize the news feed. Just go in the general settings of the app and tap “News Feed Preferences”. There you are able to choose which friends will appear first in your timeline and completely avoid erroneous content you care little to nothing about!

3. Create Autoplay videos

With the “automatic” videos from Facebook, many people may have felt they’ve had no control over their own device and even wasted data 3G / 4G. To resolve this, simply access the general settings for the app, tap on the “AutoPlay” and decide whether to keep this the way it is, when connected to a Wi-Fi.

4. Save links for later

If you’re interested in a story or video, but are running short on time, no problem! Simply tap the small arrow in the upper right corner of the post and choose “Save Link”. Then just go to the general menu settings app and find the “Saved” option to redisplay all posts that you saved.

5. Check the security of your account

To check if your Facebook account has been accessed without your knowing, the application has an interesting feature. Go to the general application settings; select “Account Settings”, then “Security” and “Active Sessions” menu. You can see every time you logged in chronological order with detailed information about each session.