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Top Features of the Kohl’s Android App

Top Features of the Kohl’s Android App

Kohl’s slogan, “expect great things,” couldn’t be more true than with its current Android app. Learn more here!

You can use your Android smartphone for more than a few Game of Thrones apps. If you tend to shop at Kohl’s, you should look into the mega store’s popular Android app. Get ready for a summer vacation with all new duds, or spruce up your home with some luxury items. Either way, you’ll be saving money in the process.

Kohl’s App Features

No matter where this summer takes you, the Kohl’s app can help you find excellent deals on clothing, houseware, and shoes without breaking your budget.

Kohl’s App Features include:

  • Kohl’s Wallet
  • Kohl’s Cash
  • Yes2You Rewards
  • Store Tools
  • Sales Alert

Kohl’s Wallet

Kohl’s Wallet is the handiest tool in the app. From Kohl’s Wallet, you can find offers, and easily save them for later. Scan and apply them to the items you need, and you’ll never have to worry about losing your paper coupons again.

With Kohl’s Wallet, you can instantly check your Kohl’s Cash, gift card balances, and Yes2You Rewards. Staying on top of your discounts is made simple. Your Kohl’s Wallet will always let you know where you stand when it comes to saving money.

Kohl’s Cash

The Kohl’s app lets you scan all of your Kohl’s Cash so you will never misplace it again. If your Kohl’s Cash is nearing its expiration date, the app will alert you ahead of time so you can start shopping!

Yes2You Rewards

Yes2You Rewards provide a way to earn one point for every dollar spent, whether you paid with cash, check, or credit. When you hit 100 points, you receive a $5 reward. You can keep tabs on your membership info, review how many points you’ve earned, and see when you’ll receive your next reward, all through the Kohl’s app.

Get Your Price

While in stores, you can scan items to see if there are any deals or extra savings available. It’s easy with the Get Your Price option. If you want to keep up on the latest sales, you can set up sales alerts for them. Just make sure you’ve given the Kohl’s app permission to use your location services and notifications first.

Are you in store, and need an item shipped? Use the app from within a Kohl’s location, and receive free shipping.

Get Ready to Save

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