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The Top VR Apps for Google Daydream View

Make your Daydream View a reality with some of the most innovative, educational, and fun apps that are, or will be, available for Google's VR device!

It’s hard to believe that virtual reality is already, well, a reality. For those who remember the 1980s Viewfinder where you pop in a two dimensional image and see it virtually come to life, we’ve clearly come a long way in just a short amount of time. The Google Daydream view takes that concept to the next level, with 3D immersive experience. This awesome new tech takes browsing art, playing games, or watching movies to the next level. Here we’ll take a look a few top apps to get excited over.

Google Arts & Culture App

Not everyone has the luxury of living close to a museum that houses hundreds of works of art, nor travels often enough to see the most renowned pieces. With the Google Arts & Culture app, you’ll be able to explore some of the world’s most prized pieces and manuscripts, enlarged and projected before your eyes. Moreover, this virtual museum can even give your own personal guided tours and lets you zoom in on incredible details.

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Star Chart VR

Astronomy enthusiasts rejoice. The Star Chart VR app offers stunning views of the solar system and lets you pan around for real-time simulation. If you’ve dreamed of being an astronaut but preferred to avoid the life-threatening dangers of ascending into space, then this is the app for you. Fly around planets and moons to see them up close, all the way out to Pluto. The dazzling view of the stars and free-floating experience of space is sure to give you vertigo in the best possible way.

VR Karts: Sprint

Virtual games are the obvious must-have for Daydream View. But of all the options, none are more universally beloved than the timeless car racing games. They were fun enough when played sitting cross-legged a meter from the TV, but diving into full blown immersion when you’re committed to a race is like no other experience. You can customize your cart, enjoy weapons and power ups, and even join in on online multiplayer mode!


The already beloved TV show and movie streaming site is getting on the virtual bandwagon. Be present in your cherished Hogwarts school, surround yourself with zombies amongst The Walking Dead, or get in on the action (literally) with any one of the Marvel super tales, like Jessica Jones or Luke Cage. If you’re a die-hard fan of 3D screenings in theaters, this app is your personal, private, movie-marathon watching heaven.