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How To Transfer Contacts to a New Android Phone

How To Transfer Contacts to a New Android Phone

Transferring contacts from one phone to another used to be a major hassle, but today, it doesn’t have to be

Getting a new Android phone can be very exciting, until you remember the contacts you’ll have to transfer from your old device. Well, no matter which Android smartphone you’ve purchased, this how-to can help you get your old contacts into your new phone quickly, and easily:

Transfer via Your Google Account

Syncing your Google account to your new phone is the easiest way to transfer contacts, and avoid any unnecessary duplicates. If you already saved your contacts to Google, all you need to do is visit your phone’s “Settings,” click “Account,” and then select “Google.” Look for the “Contacts Sync” option. Enable it, and you’ll be back to making phone calls, and sending emails with your new smartphone in no time.

From iPhone to Android

Rival smartphone companies don’t make it easy to switch brands, but it isn’t impossible to move your contacts from one to another. You can sync your contacts from a previous iPhone. If you haven’t set up a Google account on your iPhone, do that first. Then, you can use your Google account to set up your contact sync, using the directions above. It couldn’t be more simple.

Use an SD Card

Take a look at your old and new phone. If they both have an SD card slot, you are in luck. You can easily move contacts from one phone to another using a microSD card. Head to the contact area of your previous cell phone. Then, click on the “Export” button. Remove the microSD card, place it into your new phone, and head to your address book. From there, click “Import,” and follow the prompts. Be forewarned: using an SD card to move contacts can result in duplicates.

Via Internal Storage

Enter the contact list of your previous phone. From there, you will need to tap the “Export” button. Look for the option to export your internal memory. Then, connect your phone to your laptop, and look for the exported file (.vfc file) in “System.” Copy that file to your laptop. Next, connect your new phone to your laptop, and transfer the file. Head to “Address Book” and “Import.” Find your file, open it up, and see your contact list unfold before you.

Importing Contacts from Your Phone

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