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Virtual reality peaks user interest

Virtual reality peaks user interest

Eagerly awaited by the international youth geek, virtual reality glasses arrived to revolutionize virtual reality.

They did not get far, but their technology has improved every year. Therefore, in 2016 virtual reality glasses took over the world. One of the main people idealizing the project, Oculus VR, received a 91 million investment to implement the best resolution for the gadget.

Facebook saw the success and has already purchased the company and works to further enhance the capabilities of this device. Used years ago exclusively for gaming equipment, the device already displays several thematic approaches, including movies and entertains users taking them to a reality that is unwavering.

In addition to the three-dimensional glasses is a 360° design, which makes the space around the user even more realistic. Who is assumed player will love the visual stimulation, but beginners may have some nausea, since the immersion is complete and really convincing.This obviously can’t compare to concrete reality, but gamers who tested the glasses say this is the closest technology to the real world today, especially to have a three-dimensional projection.

Reproduction becomes even more true when the design contributes. The structure of the device is designed to give comfort and not let any noise or light disturb the user during the experiment. Sony has positioned itself and plans to launch the Playstation VR glasses that bear the name of its most famous island. Among the versions already produced, the Gear VR Samsung is also one of those who received the best ratings on the market.

Want to see Virtual Reality at work? See this guy’s reaction to VR glasses: