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Technology for Pro Baseball Players

Wearable Technology for Pro Baseball Players

Read up on how today’s baseball players are using wearable technology to stay in top shape for every game. Batter up!

Major League Baseball isn’t well known for being innovative, but the league is among many businesses embracing the potential of wearable technology. Despite the sport’s glacial pace, this season marks the first time baseball’s playing rules committee allowed two tech components into the game.

New Tech for Baseball Players

The Motus Baseball Sleeve keeps track of elbow stressors, while the Zephyr Bioharness tracks breathing and heart rates. Both of these technologies help keep players’ health in check, preventing major problems, and keeping players in the game.

The Motus Baseball Sleeve resembles your basic compression sleeve, up to the elbow. Look closely, and there’s a tiny, unobtrusive sensor containing accelerometers and gyroscopes, items found in your smartphone!

The Motus Baseball Sleeve was tested by pitchers from both the Baltimore Orioles, and Pittsburgh Pirates in 2014. Positive results have moved the project forward, and pushed the innovations of wearable tech into the limelight, and the stadium.

Using Motus Baseball Sleeve

Players wearing the sleeve simply enter their height and weight into the accompanying app. The app uses data from the motion-capture database to accurately record a player’s physical movements in-game. Players will have the full experience of the game, without loads of sensors, or an impossible suit. Data is downloaded after the games are over, and is then shared with the player.

The player can then decide if he wants to use the tech at all. Electronic equipment is still not allowed in dugouts during the games, so don’t expect any selfies from the dugout anytime soon.

Still, the app can provide pitching feedback, identify areas of weakness, and determine how tired a player’s arm is before overuse becomes an issue, letting coaches (and the player) know what’s going on. Add in the number of young players suffering injuries, and the increase of Tommy John surgeries, and this app could be a real arm-saver!

The Zephyr Bioharness, on the other hand, is all about the heart. The harness can help coaches and players know how well a player is recovering from a surgery, or injury, and if they are really ready to play. The device measures:

  • Heart Rate
  • Breathing Rate
  • Posture
  • Activity Level
  • Peak Acceleration

For the Fans

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