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Is WhatsApp Causing Your Smartphone to Run Out of Storage Space?

Quickly remove old media files and get more room.

Chances are, you’ve been chatting with friends and family on WhatsApp recently.  Statistics show by 2016, 18.8 million US mobile phone users accessed the messaging app to communicate and its popularity continues to grow. If your smartphone is starting to run out of storage space because of all of the pictures, videos, audio, and GIFs you’ve sent and received in your chats, there is a solution that helps you quickly clean out those multi-media files and get more storage.

dfndr performance is a phone optimizer app that helps keep your phone running fast and efficiently. The WhatsApp cleaner tool can help create storage space so you always have plenty of room to store files or capture life’s special moments. Try it today:

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Have you ever been in a situation where something amazing is going on and you pull out your phone to take photos or record video only to find your phone is completely out of space? You might only have a minute or two before your chance to capture the moment is gone forever. Going through hundreds of files one at a time can be a time consuming and annoying task. If you are in a rush, and there is no time to sort through files individually, you likely will frantically begin by deleting your most recent files first in hopes of getting just enough space to get a few photos or several seconds of video. The problem is, you could delete something that you might regret later.

download dfndr performance now

If you frequently use WhatsApp and your chats are filled with old media files in your conversations, here is how the WhatsApp cleaner tool is the perfect solution to free up storage on your smartphone:

  1. To use the WhatsApp Cleaner, open the dfndr performance app.
  2. Next, select the “WhatsApp Cleaner” tool.  A list of files will appear that you’ve shared in WhatsApp.  You can easily look through the list and quickly choose which files you want to remove by tapping to select them.  The delete button shows you exactly how much storage space will be created by deleting the files.
  3. Once you click the delete button, it only takes a few moments for dfndr performance to clear out the unwanted media.

If you still need more storage, dfndr performance also has other tools that can help create more storage space by removing media from other apps, as well as finding and discarding duplicate copies of photos in your gallery. Best of all, the app is free to download and use!