Charge Booster Alert

Charge your battery faster with Charge Booster 😊

Apps running in background mode drain the battery of your smartphone. Hibernating these apps speeds device-charging and this new feature will now hibernate all apps running in the background.

To enable this function:

1- Open dfndr security and select the menu .
2- Select “Settings” .
3- Touch “Lockscreen Charge Monitor”
4-Select Charge Booster Alert 

IMPORTANT: When apps are closed by Charge Booster, notifications and alerts will be paused until you open them again.

If you still want to receive notifications from specific apps with Charge Booster on, you must select them in the “Ignore List” for Charge Booster settings.

1- Open dfndr security and select the menu .
2- Select “Settings” .
3- Touch “Lockscreen Charge Monitor”.
4– Select Ignore List
5-Enable notifications for desired apps;



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