Cannot find the subscription

If you tried to cancel a subscription but don’t see it in the list, try this.

1. Did a family member sign up for the subscription?
You can’t cancel a family member’s subscription. Ask your family member to use their own device to cancel the subscription. Or if you share a device, ask that family member to sign in with their Apple ID and cancel the subscription.

2. Did you subscribe with a different Apple ID?
To see subscriptions for a different Apple ID, sign in with that Apple ID, then try to cancel again.

3.Forgot your Apple ID?
Your Apple ID is the account you use to sign in to all Apple services. If you forgot your Apple ID or aren’t sure if you have one, you can look it up or check if you’re already signed in to an app or service.
Your Apple ID might be included in some emails from Apple. Search your inbox for receipts as well as repair, support, or billing emails from Apple.


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