How can I move my files from vault iOS to a new device?

With a subscription to Premium dfndr vault, transferring your vault files to a new device is easy with your unlimited encrypted cloud storage. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Add all the files to your vault
  2. Sync them to your cloud.
  3. On your new device login to the same dfndr vault account
  4. Sync the files from the cloud into your vault gallery on your new device

If you are not a premium subscriber, follow these steps to transfer your files:

  1. Manually select all the files in your vault (long press them).
  2. Once all files are selected, tap on the small unlocked lock icon at the top of the screen to “unprotect” your files.
  3. Your files are now back onto your device’s storage, and out of dfndr vault’s gallery.
  4. Transfer your files to the new device however you would like to transfer them (email, text, messenger, etc.).
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