How to optimize my device’s battery life?

dfndr battery’s optimization features help your battery last longer by closing the apps that you’re no longer using but are still running in the background consuming energy.

You can either run a Quick Optimization or a Super Optimization to start saving energy by following the steps below:

Quick Optimization:

1- Open dfndr battery.

2- Tap on the “QUICK BATTERY OPTMIZE” switch located at the home screen to close apps running in background and, it’s done!

PS. You can also add a Quick Optimization shortcut by opening the sidebar menu > Settings > Create shortcut for Quick Optimization.

Super Optimization:

1- Open dfndr battery and access the sidebar menu at the top left corner.

2- Press the FULL OPTIMIZE switch.

3- If not granted yet, allow the app all required permissions to start running the optimization.

4- Wait until app apps are closed and, you’re ready! Differently from the Quick Optimization, this one will also force stop the apps open in the background.

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