How can I sync dfndr vault to use my cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a Premium dfndr vault feature which lets you back up an unlimited amount of encrypted files onto your cloud. Free users can still use cloud storage, but they are limited to store only 20 files in cloud backup.

To activate cloud storage

  1. Open the dfndr vault app and locate the cloud icon in the top right corner and tap on it.
  2. Select which cloud storage system you want to link to your vault account.
  3. Tap on the service you would like to use, and then click Allow. 
  4. Wait for the login to complete.

Now whenever you add files to your vault they will also be synced to your cloud storage.

To delete files from your cloud:

  1. Long press on the file you want to remove. A pop up window will ask you if you want to delete the file from your vault or from your cloud.
  2. Select where you would like to delete the file from.
  3. Confirm the deletion.
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