How do I enable Anti-Theft in dfndr security?

Anti-Theft is designed to protect your phone and help you to find it in case of theft or loss. When enabled, you’ll have the option to erase all data remotely, locate your phone on a map, find it if it is misplaced by activating the alarm, and lock your device completely.

To enable Anti-Theft, follow the steps below:

1- Select Tools, scroll down to Privacy and select Anti-Theft.

2- Allow the app permissions to access your contacts, phone calls, and location.

3- Continue and choose the Google account you want to activate Anti-Theft with.

4- Save your access code and tap “Enable Remote Wipe”.

5- Turn on Accessibility Permission and set the app as a device administrator in Android Settings.

6- Enable “Intruder Alert”. This allows Anti-Theft to take pictures and record videos to identify intruders who type the wrong access code while trying to unlock your device.

7- Enable “Disable Power Off Menu” to prevent your device from being turned off while you attempt to locate it.


Anti Theft is now activated!

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