How do I use the Alarm function dfndr security?

The alert function is designed to recover stolen devices in closed environments such as buses, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. When activated, an alert will sound at maximum volume, allowing you to identify where the sound is coming from. This tone will sound for 1 minute.

To activate it follow the steps below:

1- Open My PSafe and then click “Sign in with Google account”.

2- Log in with the same Google account registered in Anti-theft on your device.

3- At the home screen, select “Alarm” at the top right next to the Block.

4- Select “Sound alarm”.

You can disable the alarm also through My PSafe.

In case your device has no access to the internet or if it’s turned off, you will receive a message telling you that the command has been sent to it and will be executed as soon as the phone is on again and connected to the internet. To learn more about the required items to Anti-theft functions, click here.

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