Identity Theft Report

Identity Theft Report allows you to check whether your personal email addresses have been compromised in any previous data breaches.

This report lets you know from which data breach your email address has been compromised and informs you of what action to take in order to secure your account and information.

  1. Open dfndr security
  2. Select “Identity Theft Report”
  3. On the main screen, enter your email address and tap “Search Now ”
  4. Check your e-mail in order to know your PIN Code.
  5. Write your PIN code in the app
  6. Allow the system to scan for your email address in our data breach database
  7. Review the results

If your email address has been identified in a breach  and if you are a Premium you will see the results in our comprehensive report. You can select any of the data breaches in the report to learn more about what took place during the breach, and which steps you can take to ensure to secure your account.

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