How do I uninstall dfndr security?

In order to uninstall dfndr security, you must first disable “Advanced Protection”.

To disable Advanced Protection and remove dfndr security from your device, please complete the following steps:

1- Open dfndr security and go to menu .

2- Select “Settings”   and touch “Advanced Protection”.

3- Slide the button left to disable it.

4- Select “Confirm” to disable.


Now you can uninstall dfndr security using Android Settings .

1- Select “Apps”.

2- Select “DFNDR Security”.

3- Select “Uninstall”.

4- Select “OK”.

5- On some devices, it is also possible to hold and drag the icon on the home screen.

6- Select “OK”.


You can also uninstall dfndr security through Play Store.

1- Go to Play Store and Tap the menu.

2- Select “My apps & games”.

3- Tap the dfndr security icon.

4- Select “Uninstall”.

5- Select “OK”.

If you still have any questions, please send us a message and we will get back to you shortly!