(Updated: February 16, 2022)

dfndr enterprise protects your business against digital threats and data leaks, helping you secure your business and employee data.  Powered by artificial intelligence, dfndr enterprise provides real-time proactive protection and remediation.  Our simple online dashboard provides control, reporting, and alerts about the system’s endpoint agents installed on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows devices.

dfndr enterprise may be incompatible with certain antimalware, firewall or security software listed below. Before deploying dfndr enterprise, we recommend uninstalling any such software to avoid incompatibility issues.  This page may be updated from time to time with known issues.

  • 2345安全卫士
  • Baidu Antivirus
  • Jiangmin Antivirus
  • KV Antivirus
  • Rising AntiVirus
  • Rising Internet Security
  • 瑞星安全云终端
  • CHOMAR Antivirus
  • Kingsoft Antivirus
  • Kingsoft Internet Security
  • 360安全卫士 11
  • Komal Antivirus 
  • Nifty Jouji Anshin Security
  • 360 Safeguard
  • 360 Internet Security
  • 360 Total Security
  • 360 Antivirus Software
  • 360天擎
  • 360安全卫士
  • ZERO スーパーセキュリティ
  • ウイルスバスター クラウド
  • クラウドセキュリティ ZERO
  • Tencent PC Manager
  • 电脑管家 8
  • QQ电脑管家 12

Currently, we do not recommend running (or leaving installed) the following types of software on the endpoints where dfndr enterprise is deployed.

  • torrent software
  • any type of pirated software or “cracks” to use licensed software (where a license has not been acquired properly)
  • “hack” or “cheater” software for games
  • software that modifies other software in memory, such as (but not limited to) filters for smartphone cameras

If you discover a potential issue with these listed or other software, please contact our support (support@psafe.com).