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Ellie Petersen
I rate 5 stars!!!! This app can hide private videos, photos and even more from HACKERS!!!!!
Olivia Hazlett
I'm very impressed with your dfndr. It improves my phone in seconds and gives me more memory.
Sharon Harris
It works very well, I'd have to say it's one of the best VPN apps created. THANK YOU DFNDR!!!
J Caboose
It really helps your battery life a lot.....thanks Psafe for all your hard work!!!!!!!
Jairo Garcia

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Our apps are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to protect what matters to you most.

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A complete solution for all of your phone’s security needs
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Monitor your digital credentials 24/7
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Fake News Alerts
Detects and warns you of potentially fake news links before you click on them
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Be alerted if there is a WhatsApp hacking attempt
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Find out if your e-mail address or password was leaked online
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Recover your phone and secure its contents if it's lost or stolen
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Scam Alerts
Detects and warns you of potentially malicious links and websites before you click on them
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Private Photo Gallery
Avoid an “oops” moment and hide sensitive photos in a secure place
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Junk Cleaner
Improve processor speed and functionality by removing junk files
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Notifications Cleaner
Hide notifications from selected apps then review and clear them when you’re ready
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Phone Booster
Improve your phone’s performance
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Password-protect apps containing sensitive data
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Phone Assistant
Get daily alerts on how your phone is performing
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Apps Cleaner
Create more room on your phone by deleting unused apps
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Battery and storage saver
Save your battery, mobile data, and free up some storage space
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Gain more storage by deleting redundant photos
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Internet Booster
Speed up your connection by closing bandwidth draining apps
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Secure Backup
Keep an encrypted copy of your vault in the cloud
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Decoy Vault
Create a decoy vault with a fake pin to fool intruders
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Change the dfndr vault icon to disguise the app
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Hide notifications
Hide notifications from other apps so they won’t appear on your homescreen
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Be invisible to hackers
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Games Booster
Speed up your favorite games
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Scheduled Cleanup
Setup automatic cleanings to remove junk files
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WhatsApp Cleaner
Easily delete storage hogging files and conversations
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Messenger Cleaner
Select the files you want to erase from your log
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Cache Cleaner
Make your phone faster by removing old files
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Wifi Check
Check the speed and security of your internet connection
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CPU Cooler
Prevent your phone from overheating by closing background apps
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