Feel safe knowing your phone is protected with PSafe.

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Leader in Mobile Security, Performance, and Privacy Apps.

Keep your phone safe.
Defending your phone with best-in-class mobile security features for anti-hacking, anti-phishing, malware detection and phone cleaning.

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Secure Your Connection.
Providing you with a virtual private network that encrypts your data and protects your information and online activities against hackers.

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Protect your privacy.
Keeping your photos, videos and files protected with military-grade encryption and securely storing them on the cloud.

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PSafe DFNDR Lab detected 8.5 times more phishing scams in 2017 than malware attacks.

Keep your phone safe.

PSafe’s DFNDR blocked 56 million phishing attacks in 2016

DFNDR has your back.
Hackers are determined. They’re getting creative, finding ways to steal your identity and data. Chat, share and surf worry-free, with a security team working 24/7 to keep you and your loved ones safe.