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With this app it’s very easy to create a secure connection with one tap. Love the security.
Great app to have especially when I'm traveling outside of the States. I’m able to check my emails on a secured connection.
This is a great app. It protects my phone when I get on a public WiFi
I think everyone needs this protection! Awesome deal!
Jane Sutcliffe
Best security my phone ever had
Mathew Crabtree
It works very well, I'd have to say it's one of the best VPN apps created. THANK YOU DFNDR!!!
J Caboose
I highly recommend all dfndr apps. I've been using defender for a long time then for 1/2 the price of top rated security I upgraded. Trust me it's the best out there. Don't wait until it's to late.

what does the app do?

dfndr vpn secures and protects your online activities from hackers. Your secure VPN connection hides your IP address, allowing you to connect to the internet anonymously at home, work, or on public Wi-Fi.
100 million+ downloads
100 million+ downloads

What features does the app have?

One touch activation
Securely connect online with the single touch of a button.
Invisible to hackers
Keep your identity and activities anonymous when you are connected to the internet.
Change virtual locations
Access content with geographic restrictions outside of your country.
Block malicious sites on Android
Get additional protection from malware-infected links used to to steal your information.
A free version of dfndr vpn is available at no cost and includes these great features:
  • Encrypted data
  • One-touch connection
  • Anti-hacking protection
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Ads-free
  • Unlimited VPN data
  • Virtual locations
Upgrade with a premium subscription to dfndr vpn and enjoy additional features! 24/7 protection and access to blocked content including:
  • Encrypted data
  • One-touch connection
  • Anti-hacking protection
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Ads-free
  • Unlimited VPN data
  • Virtual locations

Reasons why you should install a VPN on your phone

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are powerful tools that protect and secure data traveling across the internet while shielding your location and online identity from others.



Using dfndr vpn servers based in more than 20 countries around the globe, you can change your virtual location at any time and unblock restricted content that is not available in your region.



With a VPN, you can connect to public networks confidently knowing that your sensitive data is not only undetectable by cyber criminals, but military-grade encryption also makes it impossible for anyone being able to decipher it.



dfndr vpn has a unique anti-hacking and anti-phishing tool for Android that proactively sends alerts if you encounter virus-infected sites containing password and data stealing malware.



Top-Rated Security

For Everyone

Achieved the highest score on AV-Test 20+ times


Our apps use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to protect what matters to you most.

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Find the right app that fits your needs.
A complete solution for all of your phone’s security needs
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Monitor your digital credentials 24/7
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Fake News Alerts
Detects and warns you of potentially fake news links before you click on them
download dfndr security
Be alerted if there is a WhatsApp hacking attempt
download dfndr security
Find out if your e-mail address or password was leaked online
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Recover your phone and secure its contents if it's lost or stolen
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Scam Alerts
Detects and warns you of potentially malicious links and websites before you click on them
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Junk Cleaner
Improve processor speed and functionality by removing junk files
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Notifications Cleaner
Hide notifications from selected apps then review and clear them when you’re ready
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Phone Booster
Improve your phone’s performance
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Password-protect apps containing sensitive data
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Phone Assistant
Get daily alerts on how your phone is performing
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Apps Cleaner
Create more room on your phone by deleting unused apps
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Battery and storage saver
Save your battery, mobile data, and free up some storage space
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Gain more storage by deleting redundant photos
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Internet Booster
Speed up your connection by closing bandwidth draining apps
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Be invisible to hackers
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Games Booster
Speed up your favorite games
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Scheduled Cleanup
Setup automatic cleanings to remove junk files
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WhatsApp Cleaner
Easily delete storage hogging files and conversations
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Messenger Cleaner
Select the files you want to erase from your log
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Cache Cleaner
Make your phone faster by removing old files
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Wifi Check
Check the speed and security of your internet connection
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CPU Cooler
Prevent your phone from overheating by closing background apps
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