How do I change the Applock password?

To change your Applock’s password, open dfndr performance, tap on Tools tab and select the Applock. Then, follow the steps below:
1- Enter your current Applock password.
2- Tap on “Settings”  in the top right corner.
3- Select “Change your password”
4- Insert a new pattern or create a numerical passcode.
5- Re-insert your new pattern (or numerical password) to confirm.
6- Tap “Finish”.
If you forgot your pattern or numerical password, you can create a new one by following the steps below:
1- Open the app, tap on Tools tab and select the Applock feature.
2- Tap on the “Options” () button in the top right corner.
3- Select “Forgot your password?”.
4- Touch on “Login with Google”.
5- Enter the same Google account and password used to activate the Applock.
6- Now you can create a new pattern or numerical passcode.
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