What is Notification Cleaner of dfndr performance?

Notification Cleaner is a feature in dfndr performance that allows you to control which notifications you’ll receive from other apps on your device. This is especially useful if you receive a lot of notifications and want to clean up the amount of notifications you receive.

To activate Notification Cleaner follow these steps:

1 – Open the dfndr performance app and tap on Tools

2 – Scroll down to Notification Cleaner and tap on it

– Select Activate

4 – Tap on the Settings Icon in the top right corner, then select which apps you want to have notifications turned off for. Tap on the bell icon and make it blue to have those notifications silenced dfndr performance, or tap on the bell icon to make it grey to still receive notifications for that app on your device.

5 – If you want to disable Notification Cleaner and receive notifications for all your apps again, slide the slider at the top of the page to Disabled

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