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Anti-hacking Disabled

Please remember that our Anti-hacking requires the Android’s Accessibility permission always be active to work properly.

If you are receiving alerts to enable the Anti-hacking even after having already activated it and granted all permissions, this indicates that other app, battery saving settings or failure/conflict in your Android may be turning some important permission off inappropriately.
To try to resolve this, please uninstall/reinstall dfndr security and, after reinstalling, click here from your device to enable the Anti-Hacking, also granting the Accessibility permission to dfndr security once again.

It would also be helpful to try:

A – enable the Notification Access permission for dfndr security to try to avoid other apps or Android’s battery optimizing system turning off permissions from dfndr security. To grant this permission, open your device’s Settings app > Applications > Three dots at the top right > Special access > Select the dfndr security app on the list to activate and, it’s done!

B – disable the option to turn off permissions when the app is not in use by following these steps: open your device’s Settings app > Applications > dfndr security > Permissions > Scroll down and disable the option “Remove permissions if app isn’t used”.

C – check Android battery optimization (usually under Settings>Battery or Power) and tap on dfndr security to not be optimized.

D – disable Android battery saver settings (usually under Settings>Battery>Battery Saver).

E – on Android 8.0+, you can long-press on the app from the Overview menu (or just swipe up) to lock the app. This will lock dfndr security app and prevent it from getting killed by the system and will remain in the Overview section until you choose to unlock it.

If even after following the steps above, the Accessibility permission or Anti-hacking switch persists to be “auto-disabled”, please write us at support@psafe.com

If you still have questions that are not addressed here, please contact us at support@psafe.com