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How do I enable the Applock feature?

To lock your applications with Applock, open the dfndr security app, tap on the Tools tab and select Applock. Then, follow the steps below:

1- Login with a Google account (This account will also be used to reset any forgotten password).

2‚Äď Create a pattern (fingerprint or numerical password)¬†to be your Applock‚Äôs access code.

3- Reenter your pattern (or numerical password) to confirm.

4- On the next screen, toggle the switch to the right for all the apps that you want to lock using Applock.

5-¬†If prompted, enable all Android’s permissions required for the Applock to work properly and, it’s done!

Your Applock has been activated!

If you still have questions that are not addressed here, please contact us at support@psafe.com