Identity Theft Monitoring

The Identity Theft Monitoring feature is a fully developed protector of your identity details. We alert you on data leaks, let you know if your accounts are affected, and offer help on what to do if one of your email accounts is compromised. Here is a complete breakdown:

24-Hour Monitoring: We monitor your credentials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Weekly Status Reports: Every week, you’ll receive a complete report on the security status of your registered accounts.

Data Breach Alerts: If your data is violated and compromised, you’ll receive real-time alerts via email.

To register your email on your cell phone click here or follow these steps:

1- Open your dfndr Security and go to the side menu.
2- Select Security Control.
3- Select Identity Theft
4-Select at the bottom of the screen “Monitoring”
5- In the “Add Email” part, touch the green button that has a “+”
6-Select “Enable Monitoring”

To use this tool it is necessary to have the ULTRA signature active

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