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Payment declined, how to fix it?

Different reasons may influence the payment being declined by the Google Play Payment System:

  • The card has expired;
  • The credit card is over the credit limit;
  • The card issuer blocked the transaction for security reasons;
  • Your card issuer needs more information to protect your account from fraud.

To try to fix this problem, you can follow these tips from Google Play:

1) Consult Google Center on how to fix payment issues, click here.
2) Call your credit card issuer to verify your identity and confirm the purchase;

3) Make sure your name, address, and payment information are up to date in your Google Play Store account.

Another tip that can be useful: try to make the purchase using your Google account through the cell phone of a friend or family member and, if you process normally, then just install dfndr security with this same account on your cell phone so that the signature is recognized

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