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3 Annoying Things That Happen to Your Android After Purchase

You’ve finally purchased a new, shiny Android. But while you’re happy with your device overall, there are probably a few annoying things that are happening.

Nearly 40 percent of users in a recent Android Central poll said they purchased a new Android phone every year or every other year. That’s a lot of new devices, each one with a slightly different mode of operations. For the most part, a new phone can eliminate problems that crop up on older phones. But they can also come with issues of their own. One common, annoying problem that often happens to new smartphones: it’s easy to overload them with apps, which can cause the phone to lag. If you’ve downloaded a lot of apps that you now want to remove, click here to use App Manager to quickly remove unwanted apps:

Perhaps you bought a new device because the old one was too slow. Yet even with your new system, you find that your device is already slowing down. Your new phone may be slowing down for many reasons — this is not solely an issue with older phones. If you bought a new phone so you could load it up with new and complicated apps, you may want to reconsider your behavior, and only download the apps that are essential to you. Nonetheless, continue reading to find out other annoying things that can happen to your new Android phone.

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Your Home Screen is Too Cluttered

Your phone comes loaded with widgets that give you the weather, the time, and the news, along with apps that take up every inch of your home screen. The widgets and apps that come with your new phone can make your home screen difficult to navigate. Clear out your home screen by tapping the home screen until it brings up a zoomed-out screen with these apps and widgets on it. Then you can drag the ones you don’t want to the trash. None will be deleted from your device — only from your screen. As the default settings in Android prove, it takes some effort to modify your phone so it looks and operates exactly like you prefer.

Your Phone Lacks Enough Storage Space

You get home with your new device, download a few new apps, and your phone’s storage is already full. That’s because most Android phones are loaded from the get-go with bloatware, or pre-loaded apps that most users won’t want. To get rid of these unwanted apps, navigate to “Settings” and then to “Apps” or “Applications” to force the app to quit. Or, use App Manager to remove the apps from your device. Just make sure you don’t delete any apps that help your phone to operate normally.