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3 Built-In Android Security Features to Take Advantage Of

Hackers will take advantage of any hole in your phone's security. It's important to use the built-in security features that Android provides.​

Security can often be an afterthought and some people assume they’d never be the target of a thief or hacker until something happens. Security may not be a 24/7 party, but it’s more easy than you think. If you want to truly keep your Android protected, you should consider these 3 vital security features that are free and easy to activate.

  1. Keep Track of Your Android Device

With Android Device Manager, you can easily and remotely locate, lock, wipe, or ring your phone. Many times, people will lose their phone and realize that it’s too late to download a tracking application to find it. The best part about this built-in security feature is that you don’t even have to install anything because it is already there. All you have to do to use this Android feature is to enable the use of it in your Google settings. The Android Device Manager will help you find any device that’s lost, even if it is on silent. You can ring your phone and it will actually ring even if you last left the device on silent.

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  1. The Screen Lock

Although this may seem like a security no-brainer, many people do not take advantage of this great built-in Android security feature. The best part is that Android gives you multiple ways to lock your phone and keep your private information secure from thieves. These different lock features includes a PIN option, pattern, password, or even a face-unlock feature (on some phone models).

  1. Phone Encryption

This option is very under the radar. Most Android users don’t even know that this is a built-in security feature on their Android. By encrypting your phone, you can prevent hackers from viewing your personal information, messages, and anything you upload to the Internet from your device. All you have to do to enable this security feature is to go to “Settings” and then open “Security.” Once you’re in “Security,” go to “Encrypt phone” and your private information will automatically be encrypted.

If you’re interested in keeping your information on your Android device safe, be sure to utilize these 3 great Android security features. Also, use an antivirus app to prevent anyone from hijacking your login details or getting access to any sensitive data on your phone.