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3 Hidden Features on Android That You Never Knew Were There

Check out these little known features on your Android phone and make your phone better, faster, and more efficient than ever before!

If we could all afford to upgrade our phones every time a snazzy new version came out, we would. But what if you could find exciting new features hidden away on your existing phone? Check out these little-known tools and configurations that will have you loving your existing Android device all over again.

Don’t just watch your data usage — control it!
Most phones have a default setting that sends a warning when you are about to exceed your data limit. By then there often isn’t enough time to do anything before you get slapped with penalties. This is especially true if you’re on a multi-user data plan. Simply look for the Data Usage menu somewhere near the top of your system settings list (if it isn’t there, look for it under the More caption). You can change the setting to warn you earlier. Or, if there is a member of your data plan who hogs all the data, you can change the setting on that phone to turn off at a data point of your own choosing.

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Change the setting for your lock timeout.
There are many reasons you might want to change the amount of time it takes before you have to re-enter your password. Perhaps you live with someone nosey, and you want to have the lockout kick in immediately. Or maybe you’re tired of having to enter your code every two seconds. Either way, it’s time to switch to the time frame that works for you. To make the change, look in the Security menu for the option you want.

Improve Your Use of Google Now
Google Now gets all kinds of kudos as one of Android’s best innovations. If you have Marshmallow, you can make it even more useful. Try Google Now on Tap, which you can access with a long press on the Home button from any screen or in the midst of any app. You need a few extra steps to activate it for the first time, but once you’re set-up, Google Now will be there ready to provide the info you need with, well, a simple touch of a button.

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