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3 Unlikely Things That Affect Your Phone’s Charging Capacity

There are a few factors that can affect how efficiently your phone battery charges. Find out more, and how you can ensure optimal charging.

Charging your phone isn’t as simple as you may think. There are a lot of different factors — many that you may not be aware of — that can interfere with how well your phone charges or its ability to recharge. Whenever you plug your phone in, you can see whether or not it’s charging, but you can’t easily find out information about how well it’s charging. That’s where Total Charge can help you figure out how well your phone is charging:

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Total Charge is a feature that will help you to further monitor your phone’s charging, by showing you each stage of the charging process. You’ll also receive notifications on your phone’s status, and when it’s time to unplug your phone in order to prevent overcharging, which can cause damage to your phone’s battery and prevent it from properly charging in the future. That’s why it’s important to monitor your phone’s charging process. Nonetheless, the following are 3 unlikely factors that may affect your phone’s charging capacity.

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  1. You’re Draining Your Battery to 0% Every Time

In the past, experts believed that you should wait until your phone fully drains of battery before recharging it, in order to extend your battery’s life. This rule typically applied to nickel-based batteries, but smartphones now use lithium-ion batteries, which are much different. Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive, and have a finite number of recharge cycles. Lithium-ion batteries are typically able to recharge 300-500 times.

  1. You’re Charging Your Phone to 100% Every Time

Now, experts are saying that, for optimal battery health, you should follow the 40-80 rule. This means that you don’t let your battery fully drain, nor do you charge it to 100%: you should keep your battery life between 40% and 80% most of the time. Doing so will help to prevent your phone from overcharging and overheating, and it will extend the number of recharge cycles for your battery. Instead of 300-500 recharge cycles, you could double or triple that number by sticking to the 40-80 rule.

  1. You’re Only Charging Your Phone Once a Day

If you thought that charging your phone all at once was the best way to protect your phone’s battery, think again. Apparently, your phone’s battery is in its best shape when you charge your phone for short spurts throughout the day. This will help to keep your phone battery stress-free and operating more efficiently.