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The 4 Most Addictive Android Mobile Games

Everyone indulges in occasional gameplay, but there are just some games you can’t rip yourself away from. Here are our favorites!

Having unlimited access to endless entertainment on your smartphone can be a gift, and a curse. While downloading the apps on this list will definitely cure any and all boredom, you may find yourself white-knuckling it through a workday, fighting off the urge to play Angry Birds until you can squeeze a few games into your lunch break. If this sounds like a fair trade-off to you, read on for our addictive Android game countdown:

1. Clash of Clans

Build up battalions of soldiers to raid other users’ villages, and defend your own clans from enemy onslaught. If you download this intense strategy game, prepare for your life to have two stages: before downloading Clash of Clans, and after downloading Clash of Clans. Out of all the intensely addicting Android games out there, Clash of Clans definitely takes the cake. You’ve been warned!

2. Bloons TD 5

The Bloons franchise has been one of our favorites, and many users were playing this game long before they got their smartphones. You may have played the Bloons flash games online, but Bloons TD 5 is a totally different beast. Until you try it, you have no idea how insanely addictive it is to assemble teams of dart-throwing monkeys to pop armies of enemy balloons. There is something deeply satisfying about building up an impenetrable defense of weaponized monkey-towers, and watching hoards of balloons disintegrate beneath you.

3. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Last December, the release of the latest Star Wars film nearly overshadowed the Christmas season altogether, with many of us downloading the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes app, and becoming gleefully hooked. This game uses a turn-based fighting system that pits different characters from the Star Wars universe against each other in battle.

Unlocking new characters for your squad can be a slow grind for non-paying players, so although the game is initially free to download, many users find themselves spending much more money in the app than they’d like to admit. If you’re looking to start an intense, love/hate relationship with a mobile game, we suggest giving Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes a try. Looking for other Star Wars apps? We got you covered.

4. Angry Birds 2

A simple game where birds are flung at pigs in fortresses has become such a widespread craze that it was recently made into an animated feature film. We definitely love this game, but had no clue it would become such a phenomenon. If you’ve never loaded up a slingshot with explosive blue jays, and fired them at a tower full of armored pigs, download Angry Birds 2 immediately. See for yourself why this oddly addictive game took the world by storm.

Get Your Head in the Game

If you ignore our warnings, and spend all day binging on Clash of Clans, your device is going to  need a breather. Use PSafe TOTAL’s CPU cooler to prevent your phone from overheating when you can’t rip yourself away from the game. Know any other gaming apps you just can’t stop playing? Share them with us in the comments below.